If you are doing a corporate job then you need to learn how to handle your boss and be successful in your corporate world.

Sadly, being successful in a corporate job requires more than just hard work. The empirical evidences show that just being hard-working will take you nowhere as the corporate world is quite complex. The corporate world is full of people who make fast progress without being efficient in their jobs. How’s that possible? The reason is that bosses have all the power in promoting and demoting employees and they are influenced by human factors like biases, partiality and personal equations. Humans are not reasonable machines that work efficiently. We are flawed creatures that get influenced by emotions. We are not reasonable and impartial, even when we think we are.

Most people leave their jobs just because they have difficulty in dealing with their bosses. The reality is that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts. Most bosses treat their employees badly and it results in high attrition level in many companies.

To be successful in the corporate job you need to take care of specific things.

Managing your boss is the key to success in your corporate career. If you have a good relationship with your boss then you will go places even if you are inefficient. On the other hand, even if you are very hard-working you will go nowhere if you are in the bad book of your boss.

You should work hard and make sure that your boss knows about your efforts. Keep your boss in the loop about activities you do in the office. Send regular reports to him so that he is aware about your activities. The more he is aware of your work the better for you.

Keep in mind that the corporate world rewards people based on perceptions about them, not on their actual performance. So, besides working hard make sure people also perceive you as hard-working.

A good inter-personal skill is desired in the corporate world. If you know how to manage people well then it will help you do well in life. The most important is your relationship with your immediate boss. Keeping his ego in the happy zone will help you in the long run. Try to be careful about emotional needs of your boss. It’s true that many bosses are nasty with employees as they tend to vent out frustration of personal life in the office. You should realize that even your evil boss is a human being and he also deserves empathy and care as everyone.

Maintaining good relations with your colleagues will help you do well in the office. Strained relationships with one or more colleagues will make working in the office less pleasant. On the other hand if you share good relationship with people then you will feel happy to reach your office every morning.

Humans are political animals by nature. Politics is the art of garnering more power for you by manipulating people. Humans are like this only. You can’t change the DNA of humans but you can learn to handle office politics well. You should try not to play politics and become part of a camp in your office. It damages relationships and will not help you. Don’t bitch about people behind their backs. Be honest with people as it will help you gain trust of your colleagues.

Your happiness in the office depends mostly on your relationship with your boss. If your boss is a sadist, who is hell-bent on making your life miserable, then it’s better to quit the job and move on in life. Because even if you stay in the job, the boss will make sure you never grow in the organization. If you try to mend relationship with your boss and fail to do so, then moving on will be the right thing to do. Don’t waste precious years of your life working under an evil boss.

Many young employees keep changing jobs without any care for their career graph. Most employees change jobs considering only money in their minds. It may be bad move in the long run. If you want to grow in the corporate world then decide on a long term goal and keep moving towards that goal. Money should not be your only incentive to do a job. Career graph should be taken into consideration too. You should also look for opportunities to learn new skills while changing a new job.

If you don’t learn a new skill set in a new job then your growth in the corporate world will be limited. The corporate world rewards multi-tasking more than ever. Those people with additional skill sets are always in demand. If you have a better overall idea about how a business organization functions then it will help you grow in the long run.

If you have decided to spend your life working in the corporate world then you should keep looking for new jobs whenever possible. Don’t get stuck in a job for long if you are not growing fast. Make sure that every new job is better for you in terms of money as well as opportunity to learn new skill sets.

Many employees spend a great number of their productive years serving a company where they hardly see much growth. It’s bad for their careers. They should keep looking for growth opportunities.

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